Slumach's Gold

Google Earth provides wonderful overhead views of Slumach Country and the Pitt Lake Gold Country.

If you have Google Earth, download this file (slumach.kml) which contain the coordinates of the various sites associated with the legend.

(If you DON'T have Google Earth, either download it now or view the links on Google Maps.)

Alvin lies about 20 miles north of Pitt Lake on the north Pitt River. Just a short way above Alvin, Corbold Creek enters Pitt River from the EAST. Gold seekers over the past century have travelled up through this treacherous country seeking their fortunes. Scroll up to Corbold Creek, and then follow it up through various valleys, falls, and canyons, until it splits and ends up in glacier country, home to the Terrarosa and Stave Glaciers, associated with "finds" from some reports.

Widgeon Creek lies near the lower western portion of Pitt Lake. Because of its proximity to the Lower Mainland, gold seekers have scoured this area repeatedly. Widgeon Creek can be reached by canoe from Grant Narrows Regional Park in the northern reaches of Pitt Meadows.

Pitt Meadows is a modern community on the north bank of the Fraser River, lying east of the Pitt River. These coordinates take you to the current town center, but scrolling north will reveal the North and South Alouette Rivers as they meet and trace their way through farmland to the Pitt River. In the late 1800s this area was a slough, and near where the Alouette and Pitt rivers meet, Slumach shot Louis Bee. Just north of the point where the two Alouettes meet lies a patch of dense green with a bright white slash at the top. This is Sheridan Hill, site of some enthusiastic gold seeking promoted by The Columbian newspaper in the early 1960s. The white slash is a modern quarry.

Travel into the mountainous area surrounding Pitt Lake is dangerous. The topography is vertical in many cases, and landfalls, avalanches, heavy rain, and dense fog can all be part of a trip into these reaches. Only experienced outdoors people should attempt travel into this area, and full equipment for inclement weather is a must.